Ideal Closure®

Ideal Closure®

Available Diameters

Regional Availability
North America
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Suitable for both glass and plastic containers, the Ideal Closure® offers a great deal of branding flexibility on the center disk. The closure is suitable for multiple filling processes including hot and cold fill, dry seal, pasteurization and retort. The Ideal Closure® is capable of high-speed application on a rotary capper (up to 1000cpm), but limited to speeds up to 200cpm on inline cappers.

Markets Served

Baby Food / Baby Drinks, Confectionery, Cooking Sauces, Dairy Products, Dressings & Condiments, Fruits & Desserts, Juices & Drinks, Nutritional & Health Drinks, Nuts & Dry Food, Pet Food, Pickles, Powdered Drinks, Preserves, Ready Meals & Soups, Spreads & Paté, Vegetables